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MIDMAC provides world-class, comprehensive construction services for a variety of projects, spanning a diverse group of industries including public & civil infrastructure, metals, oil & gas, power, transportation, sewage treatment among others.

Our total-project approach and leading-edge construction technologies provide seamless integration with engineering and procurement activities.

The individual and collective project and technical expertise of our experts allows us to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions to clients to maximize their assets, improve their competitive position, and increase their long-term business success.

By incorporating our construction expertise early in each phase of a project's life cycle, we can help generate significant project savings for our clients by proactively anticipating, identifying and resolving potential project challenges.

Our regional network of construction resources facilitates effective mobilization of equipment and construction teams around the region. We have extensive experience with country regulations, requirements and building codes and we understand the intricacies of managing a workforce that includes ethnic, religious and political diversity.

To optimize use of local resources, improve project quality, and promote sustainable community relationships, MIDMAC implements a wide-reaching program for training craft and construction personnel.

Our training programs help improve worker qualifications, reduce turnover and absenteeism, and increase productivity. We initiate craft training programs wherever we provide self-perform construction services.

MIDMAC has both construction management and self-perform capabilities, and maintains one of the most flexible labor postures in the industry. We employ professional personnel, flexible procedures and advanced systems to select only the optimum available resources for a specific project. After selection, we continuously manage and measure compliance with key selection criteria including safety, quality, total project cost and timely completion.

Services offered include:
    Earth Moving and soil excavation
    Roads Construction & Maintenance
    Land Reclamation
    Public Buildings Construction
    Steel Structures & Warehouses
    Public Utilities (Pumping Stations / Water, Waste Water & Sewage Treatment Plants)

MEDMAC is proud to be classified by the Syrian Ministry of Building & Construction
as "Excellent Grade Contractor"