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Aramia provides logistic support and procurement services to large and small projects across the region. We can independently support client procurement activities as a stand-alone service or work in concert with GANAMA's engineering, construction and maintenance teams as an integrated function.

Our advanced sourcing methods, market intelligence and large purchasing volume help us obtain the best pricing, quality and service for our clients.
Aramia's procurement professionals around region employ our best-of-class systems and work collectively in a knowledge-sharing community to plan and execute cross-functional activities so that the best quality and optimum quantity of materials are available in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Services offered:

    Strategic Sourcing
    Material Management
    Contract Management
    Staffing and HR management  
    Transportation and rental
    Supplies (Potable water/Drilling water/Fuel/Lubricants/etc..)
    Material Planning and Control
    Export/Import Control
    Supplier Quality Surveillance
    Administrative Support
    Catering Services